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"The support I received from my Study Coach was absolutely outstanding and made my studies so much easier. There are ...
Matt D., Certificate IV in Fitness
"My Study Coach had a lot of information that made me feel better about the course as I had some ...
Damian C., Diploma in Counselling
"You have been a great support for me and have had the right mix of encouragement, motivation and assertiveness that I ...
Carl M., Diploma of Project Management

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“Every student who starts a course, has a right to finish.”

Sol Lukatsky, CEO, Global Learning Support
Student Support and Retention: <br >Understanding the challenges and how to do more with less

Student Support and Retention:
Understanding the challenges and how to do more with less

Despite enrolments surging over recent years, the national Australian average attrition rate is at the highest level since 2005, meaning that nearly one in seven students is dropping out of their studies. The 2015 Student Experience Survey National Report highlights the need for greater student support finding that:

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Global Learning Support (GLS) leads in the delivery of a high-quality, flexible and scalable solutions for learner mentoring and support to improve apprenticeship completion rates. Utilising innovative technology and skilled personnel, GLS will map to your business processes and the needs of your learners to boost learner achievement and progression.


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