Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you currently support?
Our business continues to grow strongly and so figures tend to become outdated quickly, however we currently support in excess of 20,000 learners.

What is the support ratio?
Our support ratio commonly sits at 1:100-150 learners.

Do you only support online learners?
No. Even though our business began in supporting online learners, our clients have seen huge benefits in utilising our services to support campus-based students as well.

How long has GLS been operating?
As one of the pioneers, we are really proud of our involvement and development of the student support industry. GLS have been in operation since 2012.

How do you charge?
We believe that our success should be tied to our partners success so we have a range of performance based pricing models based on fixed or variable rates including student numbers and performance indicators.

How do you communicate with students and how often?
Based on our experience, weekly contact is best for engaging students. However, we can set fortnightly and monthly contact cycles if desired. We employ an omnichannel approach to engage your students using a tailored mix of telephone, SMS, Mobile App (Push Messaging), web chat, email, and social technology.

Where is the support performed?
We have teams of people in both Melbourne, Australia and Manila, Philippines.

What sort of training do your staff undertake?
All of our staff complete a rigorous ‘Foundations in Education’ course, with a focus on cultural sensitivity and fit, industry insight and terminology, life coaching and communication skills. We also ensure that our people receive the necessary specific client training before they begin their support.

What is the team leader to team member ratio?
We like to keep our teams tight and intimate. We find that a team leader can monitor and motivate a team of 12 support staff.

Can we select the people in our team?
Yes, we encourage our clients to get involved in the decision of building their team.

Which systems do you use?
We typically use our EduTracker™ platform but can also integrate with your systems to minimise disruptions to your business and the students. Our solutions have been designed to integrate with your existing systems or can perform as stand-alone solutions.

How will our partnership work?
We work as an extension of your student support team. We map specific business processes and KPIs to your business goals; enabling you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

Do you communicate with students as GLS or as the education provider?
We communicate with students on behalf of the Education Provider and represent our clients in all of our dealings. Students are never contacted on behalf of GLS.

How quickly can you get started?
Even though our process is rigorous and detailed, we can get support teams into action and delivering results within 6-8 weeks.

I’ve got a question that I couldn’t find on the FAQ page.
Feel free to reach out to us here.