Save students. Save time. Save money.

At Global Learning Support, we partner with education providers to improve their student progression and completion rates with our ‘Retention as a Service’ (RaaS) solution.

At your institution, student progression should be everyone’s responsibility. However, this becomes increasingly complex as students interact with many disparate support and administrative functions, study in multiple modes and locations and use a wider range of services. Our answer is the ‘Retention as a Service’ solution which combines 3 unique technologies:

  • EduScreen – which allows an in-depth understanding of every new student and possible barriers to success,
  • ourEDU – which provides an innovative social platform to communicate with students and allow them to connect with your teams and each other,
  • EduTracker RMS – which when integrated with EduScreen, ourEDU, and your systems, provides users with a holistic view of all students and the tools to analyse, track and predict issues before they occur.

Our staff or yours can drive these platforms to deliver proactive, timely, and informed support to students at a time and on a medium of their preference.



EduTracker is the only RMS built on the trusted platform.

Know your students. Track, monitor and report on key interactions between learners and your various service and support teams and gain complete insight into each learner’s experience across key milestones in their learning journey.

With student categorisation, segmentation and prioritisation, our unique risk engine tracks student progress against key success indicators. EduTracker allows you to identify at-risk students early and intervene before they disengage, and predict possible issues before they occur.


Empower support. Through our integrations with your systems, and through the tracking and analysis of student activities and support interactions, EduTracker provides users with a complete picture of each student’s specific situation, needs and progress. Armed with this information, users can provide timely, targeted and meaningful help and advice that directly impacts students’ success exactly when they need it. EduTracker includes advanced case management, workflows, automated messaging to students, and an integrated multichannel contact centre system to communicate and engage with your students in the way they want. No need to invest in costly telecommunications and analytics products – EduTracker gives you everything you need to track, identify, analyse and communicate with your students via phone, email, SMS, chat and social.

Reduce compliance risk and cost. All interactions – calls, voicemails, call back requests, chats, SMS and emails are captured and recorded within this system, supporting risk management and compliance. Greater student satisfaction, engagement and completion positively impacts your organisation’s bottom line and reputation.



Admissions is a critical time for both the education provider and the student. GLS offers an enrolment, onboarding, and orientation service utilising behavioural science and non-cognitive assessment which truly understands each student, and in turn underpins a personalised educational experience. EduScreen will provide detailed insights into life factors, individual attributes, learning styles, prior learning experience, commitment and many other factors which will dictate the success or failure of their studies. With this rich insight any issues can be addressed immediately and support can be tailored to each student.


Our experienced team (or yours) can deliver the EduScreen framework for your students, helping you understand them, and helping students understand course requirements, key dates and other important information. With both students and institutions aligned EduScreen will improve risk management and compliance, maximise enrolment efficiency and enhance forecasting capabilities.


ourEDU uses innovative social technology to enhance the student experience; allowing learners to connect with their peers and faculty via web and mobile to engage around classes, interests, clubs and societies. Learners can also find a peer mentor, buy and sell items in the student marketplace; organise events and much more. Students can interact and crowd support, quickly find answers when traditional support services are closed. Through advanced keyword matching and natural language processing ourEDU will alert on student sentiment issues – allowing for proactive support before students reach the point of frustration.


What makes ourEDU unique when compared to similar community based systems is our social media management experience derived over the last 4 years. Our Social Engagement Specialists, who wrap around our platform (or yours if you already have one in place), promote conversation, manage content, provide support and ensure the overall effective use of the platform. ourEDU also provides our Study Coaches and your staff another avenue to support students via web and mobile.


ourEDU offers:

  • An enterprise-level secure social community with enhanced reporting and analytics capability.
  • The ability to understand your student community and measure sentiment and satisfaction on a timely basis through identifying important conversations and issues.
  • The advantage of supporting students in the way they want to interact – social technology via web and mobile.
  • The flexibility to be a stand-alone solution or integrated inside your existing LMS, including alignment of look and feel.
  • The option to use our platform or your own. Our Social Engagement Specialists can help drive engagement through managing the platform and supporting all users.

Study Coach

Our Study Coaches offer advice, support and structure to students as they work through the many issues that may impact their motivation and ability to complete their studies. Leveraging a range of best-practice techniques and our full suite of solutions, our Study Coaches track learner progress towards critical milestones and help learners build resilience. Using telephone, email, live chat, SMS and other communications strategies, Study Coaches contact each learner on a regular basis and provide enhanced support when required. They are available on a 24-hour basis and can connect with students in any part of the world.

By working closely with students, they build strong, trusting relationships that motivate students to stay disciplined and accountable for completing assessments on time and most importantly, not dropping out. With continued interaction through the learning journey, the student experience is enhanced and satisfaction increased.

Our proven student support strategy delivers:


Let us help your faculty and staff do more with less

Complement and build out your existing team with our Study Coach resources. We can provide your faculty and staff with end-to-end support on enrolment, orientation, course coordination, administration and report analysis. Leverage our Study Coaches to scale your business in a cost-effective and efficient way.

All GLS Study Coaches have a strong background in student, faculty and staff support; administrative skills and an in-depth knowledge of the course they are responsible for supporting.

Our Study Coaches can support you with:



Over the years, we’ve learned that sometimes it’s the simple things that can get in the way of a student doing what is required of them. Often, these questions or problems are general administration, IT/helpdesk and LMS-related issues that require technical support, and this is what EduDesk is designed to overcome.

GLS Illustration Work_EduDesk-1

EduDesk is a 24×7 technical support system for your LMS and general IT/helpdesk needs. It resolves very common support issues and claws back the time wasted by the student, the academic staff and the education provider.

EduDesk is an education-focused inbound support system for your students, faculty and staff. It resolves very common support issues and claws back the time wasted by the student, the academic staff and the education provider.

EduDesk offers:

  • Turnkey inbound support for students, faculty and staff.
  • Support via email, SMS, phone, web chat and ticketing system.
  • Specific support for your LMS.
  • High and low volume options to suit everyone, from a handful of online students to tens of thousands.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting on the number of calls, duration of calls, issues addressed, escalations, etc.
  • We can also provide specific training on your LMS to students, faculty and staff.

Custom campaigns to keep your students and alumni engaged

We partner with education providers to create custom engagement campaigns to re-connect inactive students, improve progression and enhance the student and alumni experience.

Key benefits:

  • Track sentiment within the student community
  • Re-engage inactive students and reduce attrition
  • Enhance the student experience
  • Support engagement with your student community
  • Provide regular alumni communication
  • Increase course revenue; improve cash flow
  • Improve trainer and operational efficiencies

With our custom campaigns, your institution can scale up-and-down as needed and target segments of your student pool to improve revenue and cash flow.

Find out how GLS can help you manage and retain students while doing more with less.