“The support I received from my Study Coach was absolutely outstanding and made my studies so much easier. There are definitely some challenging parts to the course… and he always had the answers in a succinct and quick manner.”

- Matt D., Certificate IV in Fitness

“My Study Coach had a lot of information that made me feel better about the course as I had some doubts. He was professional yet friendly, funny and human rather than a robot like a lot of call center people are.”

- Damian C., Diploma in Counselling

“You have been a great support for me and have had the right mix of encouragement, motivation and assertiveness that I needed.  It has been a wonderful journey for me as I hope for you too. We all take lessons throughout life and try to better ourselves, I did not believe I had the ability to complete such an undertaking but when we started working together and I started to see the progress, I never doubted myself thereafter.”

- Carl M., Diploma of Project Management

“Before I was assigned my Student Services Advisor, I was extremely frustrated by the level of customer service and student support provided by my education provider. I had multiple points of contact which often gave me contradictory information, and I often had to send follow up emails to try to work out what was happening with my assessments. It almost got to the point that I felt I would never be able to complete the qualification. From the moment he first contacted me, everything has run just so much smoother. He has been incredibly reliable and responsive, and always kept me up to date on the progress of any queries I may have had. He also regularly sent me emails to check on my progress and always offered me encouragement to keep going. I honestly don’t think I could have completed my studies without him.”

- Lisa T., Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

“You have just made my week! 🙂 My Month! 🙂 Having someone take obvious interest in my work, has really raised my spirits :)”

- Krystel S., Diploma in Marketing

“I would like to thank you for being the persistent pyrotechnic you kept trying to ignite the flame to get me to complete the assignment and for this I am truly grateful. This fire is now blazing. Thank you for your time and understanding.”

- Brett T., Diploma in Business and Leadership and Management